The Red Dot Scope is one of the two currently attachable scopes in Flan's Gun Mod. This scope offers little to no zoom (than the natural iron sights zoom), but does show a small red dot when aiming. This can make aiming quickly much more easily and efficent. Almost every weapon in the mod can equip this scope.


Red dot scope

The Crafting recipe for the Red Dot Scope.

The Red Dot Scope is fairly cheap to craft. It requires:
  • 3 fiberglass
  • 1 redstone dust
  • 1 glass pane


All attachments in the mod not only add to asthetics, but also change the stats of the weapon. All attachment stat multipliers stack between themselves.

  • Melee Damage - x1.0
  • Ranged Damage - x1.0
  • Bullet Spread - x0.5
  • Recoil - x0.8
  • Bullet Speed - x1.0
  • Reload Time - x1.0
  • Zoom level - x1.0
  • FOV Zoom level - x2.0


  • The scope is able to 'override' natural scopes on scoped weapons, such as snipers. This, however, should be avoided as it does not give back the higher zoom magnification of the normal sniper scopes.